Jspx is a free open source java web framework. It is easy to learn and fast to run. you can use Jspx to create modern and easy to maintain java web applications. Jspx 2.1 is the latest version shipped with lots of new features along with some bugs fixed. Jspx is fully supporting EL based on Apache JEXL.
Check the download & demo sections. Start trying yourself, along with live demo hosted on Google App Engine.

Jspx 2.1 release notes »

free open source

Jspx is free by all means. No charges for anything. Support is also free. You can download the source code of jspx and the sample demo projects and use them they way you like. You may change, use, redistribute, sell and educate in any way you like. You are not obligated to anything. We love open source and we support open source.

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easy to learn

Jspx is using standard HTML tags to create dynamic web applications. The basic knowledge of HTML and java would give you a perfect jump into Jspx. Check out the getting started page to see what is need to turn on jspx world. The live demo also takes you step by step to go through the marvelous features.

Getting started »

modern web app

Based on modern web technologies (JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery UI, JQuery plugins) You can use it to create modern web apps. Jspx controls and components are built using these modern frameworks giving it a modern touch. The demo apps specially jspx-demo3 is based on these modern framework.

Live demo »