Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Jspx? »

What is jspx?

Jspx is a free open source java web development framework. It is a presentation layer that is based on J2EE servlets and exposes OOP API to dynamically control HTML. It uses all HTML tags and creates new tags for extra features.

In short term..?

Jspx can be compared to JSF, Wicket and even ASP.NET.

Yet another framework!

Well, jspx aims at combining all good features in other frameworks along with its unique features. So it would be easy to use and productive.

What do I need jspx for?

Jspx can be used to create rich interactive java web applications. Suites mostly in form based applications that interact with DB.

I am newbie, what do I need to start?

If you know HTML and Java, then you are completely qualified to use jspx.

Where to start?

Check the documentation section for various help, or simply you get your hands wet and Download the Jspx Demo projects source code. Build, Run and Enjoy.

I will be waiting for the next project to try jspx..

Well, you only need to wait for the next use case to start using jspx. It does not require special settings and configurations to get it working with any new or existing project.

My project is built on JSF, how dangerous it is to use jspx?

No dangerous at all, jspx will not change any of your JSF settings. Whether it is JSF, struts, wicket or ADF it can be used. If it is J2EE jspx fits int.

My project is ADF; will jspx conflicts with ADF file extension?

Jspx does not force using any file extensions not even (.jspx) so change the file extension to xXx if you like.

Which IDE should I use?

Jspx can be developed on any IDE; it was built in eclipse and can be used on eclipse.

Is there any IDE plug-in for Jspx?

Not yet, but are planning to have one for eclipse. Can you help us with this?

What kind of support I get?

Jspx support is free. You check contact us section to mail us. We would be glad to put such productive framework at your hand.