Jspx Live Demo (Google App Engine)

Jspx live demo is a Google App Engine project that is hosted on Google App spot. Jspx is working just fine on Google App Engine. Some features are not supported like (Captcha, DataTable) because of the restriction on JDK classes like java.awt.* and the non-structural DB that app engine is using. However the rest of the functionalities are working. There are more three demos you can download and run yourself on your own favorite web/app server from demo apps section

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Examples included in the demo

The live demo includes the following examples:

  1. Hello Jspx
  2. Hello Jspx (with Java Controller)
  3. Hello Jspx (Data Binding)
  4. Simple Form
  5. Simple Form (ajax)
  6. Simple Form (Validators)
  7. Simple Form (Custom Validators)
  8. Simple Form (with EL)new
  9. Inline Editor
  10. Jspx Bean
  11. Captcha
  12. Messages
  13. Rate
  14. Masked Input
  15. Button Loadingnew
More examples to follow.