Jspx Offline Demo Apps

Jspx demo apps are accumulating since the start of the framework. The demo apps vary from simple discrete pages to complete business cases.

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Jspx Demo 1

This is the plain old demo, where the basic features of Jspx is put to use. We keep it just for history and it is not updated since it was first released back in 2009. So, download it but don't forget to download other below cool demo apps.

Jspx Demo 2

A simple real business case application, that is used to store customer data and their bills. You will need to have a MySQL DB with a schema to run this app. Please check the download section for more info.

Jspx Demo 3

This is the brand new demo app. That is built entirely on Jspx 2.1 featuring Bootstrap theme and other cool staff. This demo is about asset management. You still need MySQL DB with schema to run this demo. Please check the downlaod section.

jspx demo 3

Jspx Live Demo

This is the google application that is hosted on Google Appspot you need eclipse IDE with Google SDK.

jspx live demo